"Babak": Iranian-American man in his mid 40s-late 50s, withdrawn, pensive and a bit aloof although well intentioned and loving toward his 24 year old daughter Shalah and wife Farnaz.  Must be fluent in Farsi and English, Persian accent when speaking English preferred.

This (paid) supporting role is in a web series called Bailout, by Philadelphia based artist Sara Zia Ebrahimi. Set in 2009 during the financial collapse, the story follows a young Iranian-American woman Shalah or "Shay" who struggles to hide her own financial entrapment in the most American of traditions--credit card debt--with her family members who each harbor their own untold secrets.

Casting will take place in August 2015. Shooting will take place over 2-3 days in October 2015 in Philadelphia. 

If interested, please send a headshot and/or link to your reel to bailoutwebseries[at]